Food for me is love and cooking is my passion. Born and brought up in a Punjabi family, married in a Jain family, gave me an opportunity to learn different cuisines at home. Cooking is an art which when shared with everyone else doubles its value of creation.
The purpose of my blog is to reach people worldwide and share recipes and take this work of art to the level where people understand the true meaning of ‘FOOD FOR THE SOUL’.
My focus is on pure vegetarian dishes from India and across the world. I try to find ways to add and improvise, to make the recipes easier to prepare and be as healthy as possible. I like experimenting in my kitchen and create dishes out of any and every possible ingredients.
I love to travel and explore different cuisines, ingredients, methods of cooking, presentations and recipes.
I am from Bhopal, living in Pune with my husband. My family is my inspiration and support behind starting this blog.
Hope you love my posts and help me improvise food.
Happy cooking!

Rinkel Arpit Khasgiwala