Barbeque Adda

Barbeque Adda

Barbeque is the in thing of today & why not? It feels amazing to grill your own food right on your table and have it hot. The unlimited variety of starters and buffet spread makes barbeque a super hit.This time I visited this new barbeque place called ‘Barbeque Adda’ located in Xion mall, Hinjawadi. Situated in the mall gives it a hassle-free parking, which is plus point. Two friends, who are passionate about food and share same vision for food, started this place. Hence, came Barbeque Adda after lots of research.

Beautifully decorated, cozy and comfortable, this place gives an amazing dining experience. They have both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. The indoor is cozier and outdoor is on the rooftop, which gives an amazing view and vibes while your food is grilling right at your table. The aroma of food and night view of city makes it a magical combo to experience with your loved one.

We started with the drinks. We tried –

Blue Angel – An absolute gorgeous looking drink with equally good taste. It was fizzy and tangy in taste. Quite refreshing drink to start with after coming from scorching heat.

Mango Capture –
This one had a foamy texture at the top and liquidity at the bottom. It had mild flavor of mango.

Mocha Slush – As the name suggests it had good coffee flavor. Perfect in consistency.
Masala Coke – Whenever in doubt, order this and you cannot go wrong. The perfect blend of masala in coke added a nice flavor to it.

Lime Soda – This was little too sour as per my taste. Otherwise chilled and fizzy with good flavor.

Post drinks, we moved to the essence of barbeque, the grilling part –



Paneer Annawsa Tikka – Soft, succulent, nicely marinated chunks of paneer along with capsicum and onion. Melt in mouth and so flavorful. Loved it.

Mushroom Nawabi – Mushroom being my favorite, this had to do justice to my taste buds and it did. Perfectly tender, juicy and nicely flavored, was the hit of barbeque.

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BBQ Pineapple – I must say those who don’t eat pineapple will too fall in love with these grilled, flavorful pineapple chunks. Rightly spiced to give sweet and tangy burst of flavors.

Corn Cob – Everyone loves to eat corn served on street side. Then why not include it in fine dining grill. This one was with a twist, nicely marinated pieces of sweet corn and grilled to give nice texture. Loved it.

Watermelon – What??? Yes, same was my reaction too after seeing watermelon being put on the grill on my table. But trust me on this, it was aaaamazing. Spiciness of marination, sweetness of watermelon and then charcoal grilling made it a perfect dish to have.

Crispy Veg – This dish tops my list of Chinese starters every single time and this time too it did justice. Perfect balance of sauces topped over crisp deep fried veggies.





Corn Salt & Pepper

Corn Salt & Pepper

Corn Salt & Pepper – Each grain of sweet corn separated and coated in a batter and deep fried to give a crisp texture. Mildly flavored with salt and pepper is a good dish to go with drinks.








Baingan Chili

Baingan Chili

Baingan Chili – What a unique twist to underrated baingan(brinjal). Slices of baingan coated in batter and crisp fried. Sautéed in Chinese sauces. It was unique and delicious.





After having so little space left in tummy we headed to main course
It was a huge buffet spread. And the aroma of different cuisines made me try different dishes –

Veg Biryani & Dum Aloo

Veg Biryani & Dum Aloo

Veg Biryani – It would not be wrong, if I say this was one of the best biryanis, I have ever had. Aromatic, flavorful, full of veggies was scrumptious to hog on.

Dum Aloo Patiala– Being a Punjabi this is one dish, which I loved to eat. What a delight to taste bud this dish was. Perfect blend of masalas, rich and thick gravy with fried baby potatoes dipped in it was perfect to go with roti or rice.




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Hakka Noodles & Veggies in Schezwan Sauce

Hakka Noodles & Veggies in Schezwan Sauce

Hakka Noodles – This one dish I felt lacked flavors and were little sticky.

Exotic Veg in Schezwan Sauce – I love to eat Indo Chinese food. And this one was bang on. Full of balance and tangy flavors. Fresh veggies in schezwan sauce was delicious.






Red Sauce Pasta

Red Sauce Pasta

Veg Pasta in Red Sauce – I felt the pasta was little too overcooked and somehow the sauce missed some flavors.







Paneer Mussalam – Perfect, rich and creamy gravy with fresh paneer was delicious to go with rice or roti.

They have live Chat counter as well but did not try anything.

After having stuffed ourselves with lots of food, we headed to the most awaited course. Yes, the desserts. How much ever stuffed you are, there is always a space for desserts. Never say no to desserts. After all, those beautifully decorated desserts placed nicely in that refrigerator were calling us since we entered the place.

They have a huge variety of assorted desserts, pastries and stone cold ice creams in different flavors. We had –



Malai Phirnee – Creamy consistency with balanced sweetness. I loved it.

Tiramisu – Served in a cute little jar, balanced in flavors and was fresh.

Pineapple Lancha – I was kind of a gulab jamun in pineapple flavor. I did not liked the pineapple flavor in it. It tasted little sour.

Narayani coco –
This was coconut flavored Indian dessert, which I absolutely loved for the freshness and tenderness of coconut in it.

Thandai Sandesh –
This one was the best dessert of the lot. Fresh and creamy.

Brownie – It was fresh and perfectly balanced chocolaty flavor.

Cheesecake –
The taste was good the only thing I did not like was the jelly on the top of cheesecake.Icecream


Cost – Average Cost is 1100/- for two, which is too reasonable, when compared to the huge buffet spread in starters, mains and desserts. Total Value for Money. #HighlyRecommended
Timings – Sunday – Monday – 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM, 7:00 PM – 11:30 PM
Location – Shop 4/5, 4th Floor Xion Mall, Hinjawadi, Pune
Overall Experience – Overall, a lovely place with cozy ambiance and good food that is light on pocket.

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6 comments on “Barbeque Adda”

  1. Omg this menu is just awesome. Loving the Paneer entire and baingan chilli which is creative. Also like the desserscabd main course they offered. Must reccomend this to my friends in Pune.

  2. A new BBQ place is always fun. It seems to have some of the most devoured BBQ items which we are all used to from the time BBQ Nation started. Hopefully they can maintain their quality. Their desserts sure do look quite tempting.

  3. Foods look awesome, especially the cakes and beverages. Will recommend this to my brother who is a big BBQ lover.