I have never known a person who doesn’t love bhindi. I love preparing it in different ways. Maharashtrian style Bhareli Bhindi is one such recipe that I prepare often and everyone at my home love it.

It amazes me at times how different combination of ingredients can make same vegetable tastes different from one another. What do you think is the most versatile vegetable, another than potato :-D??

Preparing Bhendi

Preparing Bhendi

How to Prepare –

As bhindi (Ladyfinger) is slimy vegetable it is important to wash and dry bhindi nicely beforehand. Also salt, lemon, dry mango powder are few ingredients that help reducing slime. Cut bhindi the way its mentioned in the recipe. The main factor to be taken care of is, bhindi should be completely dry before cutting it.

Bhareli Bhendi

Ready to be cooked

How to make Bhareli Bhindi –

Maharashtrian cuisine offers a wide variety of food and it varies from region to region. Maharashtrian cuisine uses peanuts and coconut in lots of recipes. This not only makes their food rich but also healthy. Peanuts add the required protein making it healthy and delicious.
Maharashtra also uses specific spice mixes which are traditionally prepared at home but are also easily available at grocery stores these days.

How to choose bhindi while buying –

With all the chemicals used in growing vegetables these days all you can do is trust your senses. The colour is the first factor that appeals while buying any vegetable. Bhindi that is dark green in color is preferred. It should feel soft yet firm while touching. The tip that I have been taught to choose perfect bhindi is, try to break the back tip of bhindi with your thumb if it breaks immediately, this indicates bhindi is fresh and good to buy.

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Bhareli Bhendi Maharashtrian Style

Other Bhindi Recipes –

As I said earlier, bhindi is one vegetable that everyone at my home loves to eat. But making it the same way every week surely would not work. Hence, the reason I prepare different variants of bhindi. Another family favorite is Bhindi ki Sabzi which is regular at my home.

I also prepare Maharashtrian Bharwa Baingan (Bhareli Vangi) which is loved by everyone at home.

You can pair this dish with roti or Ajwain Paratha[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Maharashtrian Style Bhareli Bhindi – Maharashtrian style Bhareli Bhindi is one recipe that I prepare often and everyone at my home love it. – For Stuffing: Roasted Peanut powder, Desiccated / Freshly grated coconut, Coriander Powder, Kanda -Lehsun Masala, Red chili powder, Salt to Taste, Finely chopped garlic and coriander leaves, Lime Juice, Other Ingredients: Bhindi, Oil, Cumin Seeds, Turmeric Powder, Asafetoda, , Prepare Stuffing: In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients mentioned for stuffing. Mix well.; Stuffing is ready.; (Stuffing)Filling Bhindi – : Wash and dry bhindi. Remove both the ends.; Make a slit in bhindi vertically (lengthwise) for stuffing.; Fill the stuffing in slit bhindi.; Keep aside remaining masala (stuffing).; Preparing bhareli bhindi- : Heat oil in a pan or kadai.; Add cumin seeds, let it splutter. Add turmeric powder and asafetida. Mix well.; Add stuffed bhindi.; Mix well. Cover and cook for 4-5 mins on a low flame.; If it starts to get brown or starts sticking to the bottom of the pan, sprinkle little water. (this is totally conditional and optional).; Cover and cook for 10 – 12 mins on a low flame. Keep checking and stirring in between. Make sure it doesn’t burn or stick to the bottom of the pan.; When bhendi is cooked, add remaining stuffing.; Mix well and cook for about a min.; Serve hot with roti or paratha.; ; – <strong>Tips and Tricks – </strong>
• Cooks best in a heavy bottom or a non-stick pan/kadai.
• Always adjust spices as per your taste. Covering the lid makes cooking faster.

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<strong>Nutritional value –</strong>
1. Bhindi /okra/ladyfinger is rich in potassium, vitamin B, C, folic acid and calcium. Its also has high dietary fiber.
2. Its low in cholesterol and comes with a benefit of weight loss.
3. Bhindi is also considered as a superfood making it a powerhouse of health benefits.
4. Peanuts used in the recipe is a good source of protein also rich in iron, magnesium, fiber and antioxidants.
– Main Dish – Indian – Indian Vegetarian Recipes – Maharashtrian style bhareli bhindi recipe – Vegetable Recipes – bhareli bhindi – bharleli bhendi – bharleli bhindi maharashtrian style – bharwa bhindi – bhindi – stuffed bhindi recipe[/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

Bharleli Bhindi Maharashtrian style

Bharleli Bhendi Maharashtrian Style

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