Peanut Chaat Recipe

Peanut Chaat Recipe

Peanut chaat is the most ordered salads/chats in any restaurants. This is one dish which is served and enjoyed in various ways. Peanut salad/chat makes a meal complete and more nutritious. I add Peanut Chaat in atleast one of the meals in a week. It gives the required protein and tastes amazing too. The best part is that it is super quick to prepare and can be packed for tiffin/lunch box as well.

It not only makes a good side dish but is a good healthy snack to munch on.


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You can add vegetables of your choice and pack it in your kids/hubby’s tiffin for a mid-day snack to avoid eating on the junk.


This is a very nutritious recipe especially for vegetarians who lacks options for protein rich food.


How to prepare –

As this is a very easy and simple recipe it does not require much of preparation. Wash and soak peanuts overnight, considering it increases in volume after it is well soaked. Cut the vegetables of your choice right before preparing the salad. The vegetables that goes well in this recipe are onion, cucumber, tomatoes, carrot, beetroot, raw mango, raw papaya or even coconut.


Not all the vegetables go together well, so take the combinations of vegetable like carrot, beetroot and coconut, or raw papaya, raw mango and cucumber. This time I have used onion, tomatoes, carrots and raw mango. Keep ready the tamarind juice if not readily available in refrigerator.


How to make tamarind (imli) juice –

Soak 1-2 Tbsp od tamarind (prefer deseeded) for 15 mins, in enough water such the tamarind is just dipped in it. Mash tamarind nicely and extract the pulp removing all the extra fibres from it. Adjust water as required.

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How to make Peanut Chaat –

Heat olive oil (preferred), add minced garlic (optional). Cook for a minute or two. Ad peanut and roast slightly. This step can be skipped totally if you don’t like garlic. Simple soaked peanuts can be used directly in the recipe. Transfer peanuts to a mixing bowl. Add veggies of choice (check for the combinations that goes well together). Add salt, paprika powder or red chilli powder, tamarind juice and mix well. Fresh coriander leaves and raw mango gives nice fresh and tangy taste to the salad/chat.

Serve it with regular meals or as munching snacks. Pair it with any rice dishes like – Matar Pulao with Spinach, Lemon Rice, Garlic Rice, Tomato Rice, Vegetable Rice, Masala Khichdi Recipe, Vegetable Khichdi, Moong Dal Masala Khichdi to make a complete healthy wholesome meal.

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If you happen to try any of these recipes please do share with us on Social Media channels – Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter. We will happy to connect with you there as well :-)[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Spicy, Tangy Peanut Chaat/Salad Recipe – Peanut chat is the most ordered salads/chaats in any restaurants. This is one dish which is served and enjoyed in various ways. Peanut salad/chaat makes a meal complete and more nutritious. – olive oil, Finely Chopped Garlic ((Optional)), Overnight Soaked Peanuts, Finely Chopped Onion, Finely Chopped Tomato, Grated Carrot, Spring Onion, Finely Chopped Raw Mango, Finely Chopped Coriander leaves, Salt to Taste, Paprika Powder, Tamarind Juice, , Wash and soak peanuts for overnight.; Wash and soak peanuts for overnight.; Drain excess water after peanuts are soaked properly.; Peanuts will increase in volume.
; Heat oil in a pan, add minced garlic. Cook for a minute. Add peanut and roast for 2-3 minutes. (This step is optional, if you are not using garlic in the recipe); Soaked peanuts can be directly used instead.; Transfer peanuts in a large mixing bowl. (Let it cool if roasted).; Add all the ingredients.; Mix well. Serve.; ; – <strong>Tips & Tricks – </strong>
<li>Use good quality large sized peanuts, it gives a nice taste and bite to the salad/chaat.</li>
<li>Skip onion and garlic if you don’t like.</li>
<li>Add finely chopped green chillies if you can handle the spice</li>
<li>Tamarind juice gives a nice tangy taste to the dish, try not to skip or replace it.</li>
<li>Add vegetables of your choice, adjust the combination of vegetables that go well together as mentioned above.</li>
<li>Eating soaked peanuts can be a great energy booster. At the same time, it is important to eat them in moderation.</li>
<li>Eating anything is excess can affect adversely on the body.</li>

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<strong>Nutritional Value – </strong>
<li>Peanuts come from a legume family, which are a great source of protein.</li>
<li>Peanuts are rich in Vitamins, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Iron, Copper and many other nutrients.</li>
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Peanut Chaat Recipe

Chatpata Peanut Chaat, Spicy tangy and delicious Peanut Chaat Recipe