Halloumi Cheese Cakes

Halloumi Cheese Cakes

Description –

When you crave to eat something delicious yet healthy this recipe of Halloumi Cheese Cake comes for rescue.

Halloumi Cheese is originated in Cyprus but now very much used in UK as well. I heard of this cheese for the very first time on my visit to London,available widely in many restaurants and some tastiest dishes made using Halloumi cheese. That is when I was eager to know more about this cheese. I tried halloumi cheese cake with Halloumi cheese which was made with grilled cheese with some nutritious veggies.

Got my hands on it in Turkey in supermarket, so I thought of preparing this dish using Halloumi cheese.
Halloumi cheese is made using goat’s and sheep’s milk or even cow’s milk. Its texture and colour is mostly like Paneer or Cottage Cheese which is widely used in India. But the taste is slightly salty than Paneer. Like paneer or cottage cheese it too has a high melting point. Hence it is served grilled alongside vegetables, in salads, as fried or even used in making few dishes like the one I am sharing with you all today.

Halloumi cheese cake it come in a air tight packing with some salted water. Reason being it is preserved in such a way to keep it fresh for days.

In this recipe of Halloumi cheese some vegetables are grated with halloumi cheese with few spices and we have used bread crumbs as a binding agent to give nice shape and shallow fried them.
You can use any kind of vegetables you like and Halloumi cheese can also be replaced with Cottage cheese or paneer which is easily available in grocery stores or supermarkets.

Preparation Time – 10 – 15 Mins
Cooking Time – 15 – 20 Mins
Serves – 2 – 3

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Ingredients –

• Finely chopped onion – 1 No.
• Grated Zucchini – 1 Leaves
• Grated Carrots – 1 No.
• Grated Halloumi cheese or Paneer – 100gms.
• Finely chopped coriander – 2 Tbsp
• Finely chopped green chili – 1 Tsp
• Finely chopped mint leaves – 1 Tsp
• Oil to shallow fry
• Salt to taste
• Breadcrumbs – 4-5 Tbsp

Method –

1. Wash and peel carrots, zucchini and onions.


2. Squeeze out excess water from finely chopped onion, grated zucchini and grated carrots.





3. In a mixing bowl add halloumi cheese (or paneer), carrots, zucchini, onion, coriander, green chili, mint leaves, salt and breadcrumbs. Mix well all the ingredients.


4. Shape the mixture into tikki and place them in a plate.

5. Rest the tikki for some time in fridge. (10min)


6. Heat oil in a frying pan and shallow fry tikkis on a medium flame.


7. Turn tikkis and fry on other side as well till golden brown.


8. Drain excess oil on a tissue paper.

9. Serve hot with salad and dip of your choice.

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18 comments on “Halloumi Cheese cake”

  1. Yummy nice idea to turn halloumi into fritters / patties. I love halloumi even pan grilled with some lemon to take away the salty taste but I will try this recipe soon .

    1. Yes right.. Halloumi tastes good just by grilling as well and its healthy too. 🙂
      Do try this recipes as well and let me know how it came out.