Irani Cafe is a chain of cafes showcasing Iranian and Turkish culture with its ambience and food.
It all started with a small Irani chai stall in 1940 by an Iranian immigrant. Good business lead to the opening of multiple outlets. They were eventually shut down for different reasons. Two brothers decided to take ahead the Iranian culture in a modernized way to Puneits in 2016.

The huge success of the first outlet in Viman Nagar let to chain opening spree of the outlets, which is continuing. The other outlets of Irani Cafe are at Magarpatta, Kalyani Nagar, WTC and now Deccan is next in line. Covering the Pune map, Irani café has continued to gain the love and support from customers by charming them with not only Irani chai and bakery but also with the variety of eggs, bun maska and much more.

Interiors of Irani Cafe –

The ambiance and interiors of the place are inspired by Turkish and Irani theme. The wall décor with beautiful paintings, Turkish printed metal plates, hookah, framed Turkish carpets, flooring all reminds me of my visit to Turkey. The wooden décor gives a rustic and traditional feel to the place. The yellow lightings add on to the beauty of ambiance.

Service -

The service is quick and done with a smile. The waiters here are ready to listen to your requirements and serve accordingly.

What this place has in store for vegetarians –

All these years I always thought that Irani café is all about eggetarians and non-vegetarians until I my first visit to the place. The menu is interesting with hilarious notes written to provide useful information.
Along with the variety of teas, this place also serves amazing bun masa, Veg Omelets, sandwiches, veg samosa, pulao and lots of bakery products like cookies, cakes, pastries, cream rolls and much more. Another than this you are sure to enjoy the variety of teas this place has to offer.


Irani Café’s Specialty-


Bakery Irani Cafe

Bakery Irani Cafe

Bakery Products –

Iran and Turkey are famous for its Bakery products which are unique from other places and prepared traditionally.
I tried Mawa Cake, cream roll. Lamington Cake, Coconut Cake, Nankatai, other different kinds of cookies like rout cookie which is very light, soft, crisp and chewy prepared with semolina (rawa). Everything is different from the other which gives the option to try depending upon the taste buds.

The best thing I liked and totally recommend is Lamington Cake which is prepared with the layers of sponge cake filled which buttercream in between, coated with chocolate sauce and coconut. Loved every bit of it.

Irani Black Tea (Chai)

Irani Black Tea (Chai)

Types of Chai (Beverages)–

Irani Café serves different kinds of beverages but specializes in Tea (chai). Normal Tea, Special Tea, Irani Black Tea, Flavored Tea to name a few. The one I love is Special chai which every chai lover must try.
Irani Black tea is Brewed for few minutes, with a little twist at this outlet it is garnished with mint leaves to get the added flavor. It adds on to the freshness of tea. Served along with the date to add the sweetness to the tea. It is supposed to be enjoyed with dates to give a distinct sweet flavor to the tea.

Bun Maska Chai Irani Cafe

Bun Maska Chai

Grilled Sandwich Irani Cafe

Grilled Sandwich

Veg Samosa Irani Cafe

Veg Samosa

Options available for Breakfast –

There are multiple choices for eggetarians and non-vegetarians, different types of kheema, omelettes, bhurji, scrambled eggs and other include options for vegetarians as well like bun maska, various bread preparations like toast, sandwiches etc.

Mains -

Irani Café has also started lunch and dinner options. Most of the options are for non-vegetarians though but they have delicious Paneer Berry Pulao for vegetarians as well to enjoy. They also specialize in Biryani and Kebab.

Paneer Berry Pulao -
Spicy and tangy paneer gravy with basmati rice prepared with saffron and topped with barberry. The saffron and barberries are imported from Iran which gives added flavor to the dish. The sour barberry along with rice made is delicious and I absolutely love it.

Desserts –

Coconut Cake Irani Cafe

Coconut Cake

Irani Cafe


Lamington Cake Irani Cafe

Lamington Cake

Specialized in bakery products Irani Café also serve Mousse and Cheesecakes. They also are working on a macroon recipe which soon you can see on their display and relish it.

Lamington Cake - Sponge cake layered with buttercream frosting coated with coconut anf chocolate. The sugar syrup makes it spongy and even more delicious. I can visit this place over and again for thi cake. Absolutely Loved it.

My Pick –

Out of all my pick would be Special tea, Bun Maska, Lamington Cake and Berry Paneer Pulao.

Cost –

Average Cost is 300/- for two

Timings –

Sunday – Monday 06:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Overall Experience –

A café different than the usual serving variety of food from Iran displaying Iranian and Turkish culture. One must not miss the bun maska, different omelets (not from personal experience but from others on the table) and tea.

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