In today’s busy schedule and rushing lifestyle, when there is no time for yourself, the best way to rejuvenate is by planning a weekend getaway. The staycation provides the best way to reenergize yourself.

With such a busy life of ours (me and my husband), I was invited to BLVD Nasik for a staycation and I instantly agreed. Knowing myself, the big planner that I am, I knew I would take at least 2-3 months to plan a “perfect” holiday which eventually might get canceled with some or the other circumstances that life has to offer.
In such situations, I feel the wise decision would be to never miss such an opportunity and do unplanned trips and experience the surprise.

It was my first visit to the city and its so unlikely of me to not research about the place before I visit.

We were all set to experience our first ever staycation about which my husband specifically was so excited as he would get to catch up on all the sleep that he was missing all these days, the thought of in-house spa and pool was enough to get us going.

We packed our bags in the morning as it was a short trip and we knew the hotel had all the required accessories, all we had to keep was our clothes including a swimming costume.

Staycation, Weekend Getaway

Let the journey begin

Travel, Roadtrip

Shades of Nature

With we left Pune by our car at three in the afternoon, had a leisurely drive, soaking in the countryside and reached Nasik by eight without any hassle. The roads were wide, nice and clean. We did not find much traffic on our way, it was only a few in-between city patches where we took some time to cross. We could see lots of small and big joints/eateries for a small break, but we wanted to hit the city before sunset. We witnessed the beautiful sunset on our way although we were very near to the city by then.

BLVD Nasik

BLVD Nasik

BLVD Nasik


Room - BLVD, Nasik

Room – BLVD, Nasik

After reaching the destination, parking was well-taken care by the valet and our luggage was sent to our rooms. The check-in procedure was smooth, and we were informed about the amenities and restaurants that place has to offer. The late-night hungry monster in me was thrilled to know the 24*7 room service. One of the three in-house restaurants is opened 24*7 for you to enjoy the food in your comforts of timing.

We quickly freshened up and decided to have our dinner at The Panaroma, the roof top restaurant serving multi-cuisine.

The Panaroma

Beautiful city view, overlooking the pool with fairy white canopies, music at the background makes this place perfect for a date.
We decided to take our seats overlooking the pool to enjoy both the city view and the pool. Service was good, and waiters are well educated about the food and menu they serve.

We started with the mocktails



Guava Mary – This is my go-to drink and I love the sweet and spicy flavor of it. Although it was little too spicy for me.

Virgin Mojito – One cannot go wrong with basic virgin Mojito and yes it was made perfectly.

Tandoori Mushroom

Tandoori Mushroom

Tandoori Mushrooms – I love mushrooms in any form and when it’s smoked on tandoor the taste gets even better. I loved the marination with balanced Indian spices and well cooked in clay oven.

Paneer ki Shikanji

Paneer ki Shikanji

Paneer ki Shikanji – The soft paneer chunks were well marinated in tandoori masala, stuffed with green herbs and cooked to perfection. Loved the flavors and enjoyed the dish with mint chutney served along.

Veg Saiwoo

Veg Saiwoo

Veg Saiwoo – Assorted vegetables coated in batter and crisp fried, served along with hot and sweet sauce. The taste was good but a bit oily for me.

Sizzling Brownie with Ice cream –

The weather was cold, and we couldn’t wait to get our hot brownie on the table. It took some time to reach and hence was slightly burnt from one end. We didn’t enjoy the dessert as much, but the appetizers and ambiance were enough to set a great evening for us.

We went back to our room after having dinner, the restaurant (Foundry) above our room had live music going on which was clearly audible in our room. Listening to the music we caught up on social media a bit and then watched our pending TV series. I always need something to eat while binge watching. To my good fortune, the hotel has 24*7 room service which is delightful.

Veg Grilled Sandwich

Veg Grilled Sandwich

I saw a card in our room saying Sandwich festival. What else do I had to think about? Without giving any second thoughts I quickly ordered the sandwich and a coke. We enjoyed the hot grilled sandwich with fries and coleslaw at the side with a coke watching the TV show. In no time we felt sleepy and went to bed.

When I saw the clock after getting up it was already 8:30 in the morning when I realized there is no sunlight in the room, which was a bit disappointing for me. I love to have bright sunshine when I wake up, but we were anyway having a good time enjoying other amenities, so didn’t mind much.

I got ready and went for breakfast buffet spread which was at The Sidewalk, whereas Mr. A decided to catch up on his sleep. PS: He loved having no sunlight to bother his sleep.

The Sidewalk, BLVD, Nasik

The Sidewalk

The view from the place is beautiful overlooking the entrance passage of the hotel covered with greenery and a busy road. I took a corner seat; the glass walls gave a beautiful view.

Breakfast at The Sidewalk, Misal Pav

Misal Pav

The buffet had varieties of dishes to choose from South Indian to Central India, Maharashtrian cuisine, Chole bhature, muffins, croissants, fresh juice, bread toast, baked potatoes and made to order dosa options and egg options.

I decided to go for my favorite South Indian idli and dosa and then I tried missal pav. I had a lovely time enjoying the breakfast in my own company with a view.

The service was good, and they were generous enough to take your request into consideration for any kind of customization required in food.


Relaxing be like

Tea Time, Staycation

Tea Time

Breakfast in Bed, Staycation, Travel

Breakfast in Bed

I headed back to my room for a quick nap (yes, I told you it was the most needed relaxing holiday). After getting up Mr. A decided to have his breakfast in bed. I ordered Masala Tea and his favorite bread toast for him. The room service is quick, and the food is brought to the room well plated. Along with bread toast was sent jam and butter which added to the enjoyment of breakfast.

It was then time to enjoy the other amenities of the property. I got ready in well-equipped washrooms, that I cannot stress enough. The cozy, comfortable and clean washrooms is a must for me when staying in any hotel. This was at par and every small need like shower cap, toiletries were well taken care of. The only issue I found issue with hot water, but it was then sorted in some time.

BLVD Nasik, Travel, Staycation

Infinity Pool – All Blue

Travel, Staycation, BLVD Nasik

Well Equipped Gym

After getting ready we headed to the third floor, to make use of the well-equipped gym and oh so beautiful infinity pool. As the water was too cold, I just could not take a dip in the pool.

The spa facilities, however, didn’t impress me much. I somehow didn’t find the massage rooms cozy enough to make use of it. Just didn’t get the vibes, but that is an individual choice.


We then headed to FOUNDRY, in-house bar and lounge on the second floor to have some snacks.
It’s an industrial theme-based one of its kind restaurants with apt interiors going with the theme. The bar is at the center with various seating arrangements covering the place.

Travel, BLVD Nasik

vate Theatre with Foosball

The place also highlights games like a pool table and a few others. It has a private theatre which comes with the capacity of 20 ppl showcasing movie at approx 750/- per head, inclusive of limited drink and snacks.

One side of the restaurant has a glass wall giving outside view of the place. The natural light in a place gives a sense of connection with nature.

The place also organizes live music, DJ, stand up and various other activities during evenings to keep engaging and entertaining their guests.

Dine Delicious, Travel, BLVD Nasik

Just like that

We went during noontime for some light snacks. Ordered for watermelon juice and pina colada. Both the drinks were refreshing and balanced on sweetness.

BLVD Nasik, Foof & Travel

Food with the view

Staycation, Travel Dairies, Staycation

Good Food Makes me Happy

Travel, Food, Staycation

Foundry Flatlay

Then we tried papdi chat and Nachos. I absolutely loved the papdi chat. All the ingredients used were fresh which gave the dish a refreshing taste. Papdi topped with potato, curd, tamarind chutney, and mint chutey. Garnished with nylon sev to get in an additional texture. Loved it.

Nachos, on the other hand, were a bit overcooked but the cheese and salsa served along made it enjoyable too.

Dine Delicious, Food & Travel, Staycation

Accha waha bhi kuch hai 😀

BLVD Nasik, Staycation, Food & Travel

Happiness is

Travel, Food, Staycation, BLVD Nasik

Mineeeeee 🙂

We had a lovely time at this restaurant and enjoyed every bit of it.

BLVD Nasik, Travel, Staycation


Having our tummies full we went for a short walk outside the hotel but came back sooner than expected due to the scorching heat.

We came back to our den, watched a series tucked in our blanket and felt asleep in no time.

We got up late with the music in our ears, the FOUNDRY had a DJ night and we could hear people going crazy over loud music.

We were not in a party mood hence decided to have our dinner at THE SIDEWALK in our most comfortable attire, messy hairs, no makeup look and enjoy the food in the company of each other. Because this is how we are and our definition of having good time.


I already loved the place for its cozy vibes, when I had my breakfast in the morning. Also, the sandwich that I ordered in assured the good food. When we went in it was already packed but managed to get a table for us.
The service is quick and good. In the most relaxed and comfortable selves he decided to have Pav Bhaji and I ordered Red Sauce pasta for myself.

The Sidewalk, BLVD Nasik

Pav Bhaji

BLVD Nasik, Staycation, Travel

Red Sauce Penne Pasta

Dessert, BLVD Nasik, Staycation


We thoroughly enjoyed the pav bhaji. It was like having our comfort food with our chit chats making the dinner time most memorable one. The pasta was super delicious, and I loved it so much that I finished it all on my own.
To add on to the beautiful evening, we decided to have our favourite dessert Tiramisu to give it a perfect ending.
The presentation was good and so was the taste. Trust me I could have had that tiramisu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was that good. One of the best tiramisus I have ever had.

Tiramisu, Travel. Food, Staycation

Loving it

After enjoying our hearty meal, we went to Panaroma, it was almost closing time and almost everyone left already. The silent sky studded with stars, beautiful city lights, chilling winds, the dim lightings from the pool was just so mesmerizing. We were there for more than an hour but did not felt like it. It was so beautiful. I sure am reliving the beautiful memories while penning them down. It was indeed a beautiful time spent and a most relaxing holiday. It wasn’t over yet. 😊

One more night to enjoy followed by lovely spread of breakfast was awaiting us.

We went back to our room, had a good night’s sleep and this time we made sure to put our alarms on. Remember, no sunlight? In such dark, cosy room we could have slept for hours otherwise.

We got up timely, all dressed up and went for breakfast for one last time at THE SIDEWALK.

BLVD Nasik, Staycation, Travel

Have to go back wale faces

After having our favorite South Indian breakfast it was time to bid aideu to the wonderful stay.

Thanks to and Nikhil for inviting us. A big Thank you to the team of BLVD for hosting and giving us memorable time forver.

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