Hersheys Event with Chef Ranveer Brar #MeetheBahane

I love to cook, eat and write about food. I always strive to experiment to create something new in my kitchen. Looking at Masterchef India series, I always questioned myself when would be the day that I will be the one to receive feedback from our renowned Indian Chefs on my cooking skills.

I attended Hershey’s India #MeetheBahane event at Courtyard Marriott, Mumbai, and it was a great experience. Not only did I happen to receive feedback on my cooking from Chef Ranveer Brar, but he also taught us various ways to give Hershey’s twist to our cooking using local produce. With growing globalization, different global ingredients and dishes are well within our reach. It is equally important to stress upon local produce as learning and adopting new techniques from different cuisines, using the concepts. The best way to utilize both local produce and modern techniques is to club them together by giving it a twist.

Cooking with Chef Ranveer Brar

Cooking with Chef Ranveer Brar

Crumpet using Hersheys

Crumpet using Hersheys

This fusion and twist lead to new dishes and we also learned new dishes from the chef. The conversations with Chef on eating healthy, importance of nutritional food and live demo on how to make it tasty was indeed a great experience. The whole idea behind this project #meethebahane is to experiment and create new recipes to help us deal with kid’s excuses and feed them good food happily.

Cook-Off Challenge - Set Up

Cook-Off Challenge – Set Up

Cook-Off Challenge

Cook-Off Challenge

Cook-Off Challenge Winners

Cook-Off Challenge Winners

We had a cook-off challenge and it was great fun, learning experience. 20 minutes seemed so less to create a dish, but the wonderful dishes that came out proved that it’s just about pushing your limits and imagination to develop great recipes. Chef’s tips and ideas while cooking made us realise how significant small tricks could be that can make or break your dish.

Try This  Leftover roti cutlet


I Love Hersheys

I love Hershey’s products and have been using it for quite a long time now. When Hershey’s presented me with a hamper of Hershey’s products, I was all set to use those products with all the new learnings to create new dish. I amazed myself with outcome and looking forward to creating more magical dishes using Hershey’s.
Since I have started using Hershey’s cocoa powder and chocolate sauce I don’t remember switching to any other chocolate products. Hershey’s creates magic and adds the ‘mmmm…’ factor to the dishes.

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9 comments on “Hersheys #MeetheBahane Event with Chef Ranveer Brar”

  1. Wow!!! This is truly awesome, Ranveer Brar is one of my favorite chefs, I am sure the event was a huge hit.

  2. Superb!!
    I am also a big fan of masterchef India and its judges and I know that it’s none less like a dream come true moment… waiting for the same in Delhi.

  3. Superb!!
    I am also a big fan of masterchef India and its judges and I know that it’s none less like a dream come true moment… waiting for the same in Delhi

  4. Looks like a super fun event, I love the concept #MeetheBahane.
    This inspires me to add foods creatively to my kids meals.