Masala Fry Idli

I get most hungry at 4:00-5:00 PM and since I am not a tea person and don’t like to munch on packaged processed food, I keep on trying easy and quick snacking recipes. Some of these recipes also turn out to be my early dinner. Instant Rava Masala Fried Idli is one of those recipes. Dilli Wali Aloo Tikki Chaat , Mumbai Street Style Masala Pav , Veg Mayo Sandwich, Desi Style Macaroni Pasta is my other favorite snack recipes, You can fry it as per your taste adjusting spices and the best part is you can also add veggies to make it a healthier version. These rava idlis can also be served with sambar and chutney for dinner or breakfast.

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Since its light and quick to make these Fried Rava idlis also makes for a good breakfast option. You can also pack these for kids tiffin/lunch box. I also use leftover idlis for this recipe. You can also use regular idlis made with rice and lentils. Fried idlis are a good way to use leftover idlis as it gets a new and delicious makeover.

How to prepare Rava Idlis –

As it is an easy and quick recipe, it doesn’t require much preparation and efforts to make it.

Soak rava in curd with some water and salt as required, for about 30 mins. Add eno (fruit salt) right before steaming. Keep the ingredients ready for tempering.

How to make Instant Fried Rava Idli –

While idli batter is resting, grease (use a little water along with oil for a perfect greasing) the idli mould and boil water in a steamer. Pour batter in a greased idli mould and steam it for 10 minutes or till idlis are done. Do a knife test (prick idli using knife, if it comes out clean, it indicates that the idlis are done).

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Let it cool and use sharp edge spoon, dip it in the warm water (same water that you used for steaming idlis) to demould. This way idlis won’t break and will come out smoothly.

Temper idlis using suggested ingredients. You can also use spices of your choice like podi masala, sambar masala to give it a different flavour.

What kind of Rava/Sooji/Semolina can be used –

You can use regular rava/sooji/semolina that we use for making upma. Idli rava is also a good option to make these idlis. I have used idli rava this time but however, I would suggest you to use either regular rava or add dal mix or some rice flour if using idli rava. It can be used even without the addition of anything like I have done in this recipe.

If you happen to try any of the recipes, please do share with us the picture and let us know on any of Social Media Channels – Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube,Twitter. We will be happy to hear from you :-)[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Rava Masala Idli Fry – Rava masala idli is one of the easiest, quickest and healthy recipes. It also makes for good dinner/ breakfast or lunch box recipes. It does not require any preparation ahead and hence can be prepared instantly. – For Making Instant Rava Idlis: Rava, Curd, Salt to Taste, Water as required, Eno (Fruit Salt), For Tempering: Oil, Mustard Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Asafetida, Green Chilli, Curry Leaves, Coriander Leaves, Lime Juice, , Making Idlis: Add rava in a mixing bowl. Add curd and salt. Mix well.; Add water as required and mix well. ; Let it rest for 30 mins, rava will absorb water.; Meanwhile grease idli mould using water and oil.; Add water in steamer and let it boil.; Add eno in idli batter right before steaming, mix gently.; Fill idli mould with batter and steam for 10 mins or till done. Do a knife test, prick idli using knife, if it comes out clean that indicates idlis are done.; Let it cool. Demould using sharp spoon, dip it in warm water for easy and clean demoulding.; Cut idlis into 4 halves.; Tempering: Heat oil add mustard seeds and let it splutter.; Add cumin seeds, sesame seeds, curry leaves, asafetida, green chillies and cook for a min.; Add turmeric powder and coriander leaves. Mix well.; Add diced idlis. Mix well.; Cook for 2-3 mins or till crisp.; Add lime juice. Mix well and serve hot.; ; – Tips & Tricks–
• Add regular rava for easy cooking. If have used idli rawa, the batter stays little watery but idlis comes out soft and moist. It doesn’t fluff but spread like dosa.
• Add vegetables in tempering if you want to.
• Add any spices (podi masala, sambar masala) to give the flavour of your choice.
• Add water along with oil while greasing the moulds, it helps prevent sticking to the bottom and easy demolding.
• Using sharp edge spoon dipped in warm water helps in easy demoulding.

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Instant Rava Masala Fried Idli

Instant Masala Fry Rava Idli Recipe